Generally, my research applies advanced statistical methods to substantially important research questions with the aim of testing and refining theories of political socialization, political attitudes, and electoral choice. Thereby, I am mainly interested in how individuals form and retain these attitudes and identities over time and across different political systems. My research can be grouped into three broad themes.



Democratic transitioning: The legacy of authoritarian regimes on democratic attitudes


More on my project website.


The origins of political attitudes: Socialization, age, and generations


Stability and dynamics of political attitudes and party support using household panel studies




Book project on authoritarian nostalgia


‘Authoritarian Nostalgia: Explaining the Challenges of Democratic ConsolidationAuthoritarian Nostalgia: Explaining the Challenges of Democratic Consolidation’ (with Lindstead, N). Book manuscript under contract with Oxford University Press. In progress. [Proposal]



Papers on support for democracy and autocracy


'Nostalgia and the threat to democracy' (with Elçi, E.). In progress. Presented at various invited talks. [Registration]


'Democratic citizenship through adult civic education? A systematic review and meta-analysis' (with Finkel, S., Lim, J., Ozturk, A. and  D. Shephard). In progress. Presented at APSA 2021. [Registration][working paper]


'A loyal base? Authoritarian system support in times of crisis: The case of Turkey' (with Gerschewski, J., Northmore-Ball, K., Ozturk, A. and K. Tertytchnaya). In progress. Presented at EPSA and EPOP 2021; various invited talks. [Registration][working paper



Papers on authoritarian legacies


'Planting the seed of democracy: Autocratic transitions and long-term democratic support' (with Olar, R.). Under review. Presented at ISA and MPSA 2021. [Draft]


‘Political Habit Formation under Authoritarian Elections’ (with K. Northmore-Ball). Under review. Presented at EPSA, APSA, and EPOP 2018; various invited talks. [V-Dem Working Paper]


The long shadow of Communism: Explaining the threat to democracy in Central-Eastern Europe' (with S. Pardos-Prado). In progress. Presented at EPSA, APSA, and EPOP 2018; various invited talks. [Draft]


‘The Legacy of Authoritarian Regimes on Democratic Citizenship: A global analysis of authoritarian indoctrination, and repression’ (with Ezrow, N., Gerschewski, J., Olar, R.G. and R. Shorrocks). Under review. Presented at MPSA 2017, ECPR Joint Sessions 2017, EPSA 2017 and various invited talks. [Draft]


'Authoritarian nostalgia, democratic support and radical right voting' (with Sergi Pardos-Prado). Under review. [registration][working paper]



Papers on authoritarian indoctrination 


'Indoctrination as a Tool of Authoritarian Politics' (with Nazrullaeva, E., Northmore-Ball, K. and K. Tertytchnaya). Presented at APSA 2021.



Papers on stability and dynamics of political preferences and party support


'How to pay for Covid? The impact of the pandemic on preferences for taxes and spending' (with S. Pardos-Prado). Under review. Presented at EPSA and APSA 2021. [Registration


 ‘The dynamics of party identification in turbulent times: The rise and fall of support for New Labour’ (with Stegmueller, D. and T.J. Scotto). ISER Working Paper.


‘The Price of Sharing: Support for Universal and Equal Access to Health Care in Diversifying Neighborhoods’ (with C. Cavaille). ISER Working Paper



Methodological Papers


'Recruiting Research Participants through Facebook Advertisements' (with A. Ozturk). Invited to revise and resubmit to PlosOne. Presented at POLMETH Europe and VAR 2021. [Registration]


'Using Facebook Advertisements to Recruit Hard-to-Reach Populations: A Study on the Advertisement Content' (with A. Ozturk). In progress. [Registration]


‘Identification in Age-Period-Cohort Models: A Canonical Parametarization Solution’ (with  Dinas, E., and B. Nielsen). Presented at PSA Polmeth and EPSA 2017. [Draft]





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