My teaching expertise covers the following areas. This list includes the diverse modules I have taught over the years:



Quantitative Methods and Research Design


BA Seminar and Computer Lab: Designing Political Research (Nottingham).

BA Seminar and Computer Lab: Political Analysis (Essex).

MA Seminar: Designing Political Enquiry (Nottingham).

PhD Workshop: Intermediate Quantitative Analysis (Nottingham  Doctoral Training Centre).

PhD Workshop: Latent Class Analysis (Nottingham  Doctoral Training Centre).

PhD Workshop: Cohort Analysis (True European Voter Winter School, Mannheim).

PhD Workshop: Intermediate and Advanced Programming in SPSS (Frankfurt Summer School).

PhD Course: Panel Data Analysis (Barcelona RECSM Summer School on Survey Methodology). 

PhD Course: Longitudinal Data Analysis (Essex Summer School).

PhD Computer Lab: Causal Models and Structural Equations (Essex Summer School).



Political Sociology


BA Seminar: Voters and Elections (Nottingham).

BA Tutorials: Political Sociology  (Oxford).

BA Computer Lab: Political Culture in Germany (Mannheim).

MA Seminar: Political Sociology (Oxford).



Comparative Politics


BA Lectures and Seminar: Introduction to Comparative Politics (Nottingham).

BA Lectures: Introduction to European Politics (Nottingham).



Research Thesis Supervisor


Nottingham: Several PhD (6 ongoing, 1 complete), MA and BA dissertations. 

Oxford: Mphil dissertation.

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