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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


Forthcoming: Neundorf, A and J. Adams. The Micro-Foundations of Party Competition and Issue Ownership: The Reciprocal Effects of Citizens’ Issue Salience and Party Attachments. British Journal of Political Science. [link][appendix] [replication material]


2016: Neundorf, A., Niemi, R. and K. Smets ‘The Compensation Effect of Civic Education: How School Education Makes Up for Missing Parental Political Socialisation’. Political Behavior, 38(4): 921-949. [link] [appendix] [replication material]


2014: Neundorf, A. and R. Niemi. ‘Beyond political socialization: New approaches in age, period, cohort analysis’, Electoral Studies, 33(1): 1-6. [link]


2014: Smets, K. and A. Neundorf. ‘The hierarchies of age-period-cohort research: Political context and the development of generational turnout patterns’, Electoral Studies, 33(1): 41-51. [link]


2013: Neundorf, A., Smets, K. and G. García-Albacete. ‘Homemade citizens: The development of political interest during adolescents and young adulthood’, Acta Politica, 48(1): 92-16. [link]


2013: Abney, R., Adams, J., Clark, M., Easton, M., Ezrow, L., Kosmidis, S. and A. Neundorf. ‘When does valence matter? On heightened valence effects for governing parties during election campaigns’, Party Politics, 19(1): 61-82. [link]


2012: Mueller, T. and A. Neundorf. ‘The role of the state in the repression and revival of religiosity in post-Socialist societies’, Social Forces, 91(2): 559-582. [link] [appendix]


2011: Neundorf, A., Stegmueller, D. and T.J. Scotto. ‘The individual level dynamics of bounded partisanship’, Public Opinion Quarterly, 75 (3): 458-482. [link]


2011: Neundorf, A. ‘Die Links-Rechts-Dimension auf dem Prüfstand: Ideologisches Wählen in Ost- und Westdeutschland 1990-2008’ [Testing the left-right dimension: Ideological voting in East and West Germany, 1990-2008]. Politische Vierteljahresschrift (special issue ‘Voting in Germany’), 45: 227-250. [Download.pdf]


2010: Neundorf, A. ‘Democracy in transition: A micro perspective on system change in post-Soviet societies’. Journal of Politics, 72(4): 1096 -1108. [link] [data] [appendix]


2009: Neundorf, A. ‘Growing up on different sides of the Wall – A quasi-experimental test: Applying the left-right dimension to the German mass public’. German Politics, 18(2): 201-225. [link]


Edited Volumes


2014: Neundorf, A. and R. Niemi (eds). ‘Beyond political socialization: New approaches in age, period, cohort analysis’ (co-edited with Richard Niemi). Special issue of Electoral Studies, Vol 33. [link]


2009: Neundorf, A., Zeller, J., J. Zado (eds). ‘Hochschulen im Wettbewerb: Innenansichten über die Herausforderungen des deutschen Hochschulsystems’,[Universities in competition: Analysing the challenges of Germany’s higher education system]. Bonn: Dietz-Verlag, 


(Book Review: Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaften, Journal of Political Science; 05/2010 [link])



Doctoral Thesis


2010: Neundorf, A. ‘The post-socialist citizen: Adjusting to a new political system’, University of Essex. [Download.pdf]



Other Publications


2016: Neundorf, A. and K. Smets. 'Political Socialization: The making of citizens'. Oxford Handbooks Online. Oxford University Press.


2012: Neundorf, A., Book review ‘Political leaders and democratic elections’ (edited by Kees Aarts, André Blais and Hermann Schmitt). West European Politics, 35(2): 434-435. [link]


2012: Smets, K. and A. Neundorf. The making of political generations: Party preferences and governmental socialisation in Western democracies', Nuffield's Working Paper Series, 2. [link]



Working Papers


Revised and resubmitted: Tilley, J., Neundorf, A. and S. Hobolt. `When the Pound in People’s Pocket Matters: How Individual Financial Circumstances Affect Party Choice`. Presented at EPSA and EPOP 2015.


Under review: Neundorf, A and S. Soroka. ‘The origins of redistributive policy preferences: Political socialization with and without a wlefare state’. Presented at EPSA, EPOP 2012 and various invited talks.


Under review: Evans, G. and A. Neundorf ‘Core Political Values and the Long-Term Shaping of Partisanship. Presented at MPSA 2013 and various invited talks.


Close to submission: Cavaille, C. and A. Neundorf ‘Does Material Hardship Affect Political Preferences? It Depends on the Political Context’. Presented at MPSA 2013 and various invited talks. NICEP Working Paper, 2016.01 [link].  


Close to submission: Cavaille, C. and A. Neundorf ‘The Price of Sharing: Support for Universal and Equal Access to Health Care in Diversifying Neighborhoods’. Presented at EPSA, APSA and Understanding Society Scientific Conference 2015. Download: ISER Working Paper, 2016-10 [link].


Close to submission: Stegmueller, D., Neundorf, A. and T.J. Scotto. 'The dynamics of party identification in turbulent times: The rise and fall of support for New Labour'. Presented at various invited talks.


Close to submission: Neundorf, A. and I. Sagarzazu. `The legacy of political regime changes on citizens' political attitudes: The case of post-authoritarian Latin America'. Presented at EPSA 2016.


In progress: Neundorf, A., Ezrow, N., Gerschewski, J., Olar, R.G. and R. Shorrocks. `The legacy of authoritarian regimes on democratic citizenship: A global analysis of authoritarian indoctrination, repression and public-good provision'. To be presented at MPSA 2017.

In progress: Neundorf, A., Gerschewski, J. and Olar, R.G. `The divided population. Political attitudes of supporters and victims of authoritarianism in young democracies'. To be presented at MPSA 2017.

In progress: Neundorf, A. and R. Shorrocks. `The Legacy of Gender-Unequal Regimes on Support for Women Politicians'. To be presented at European Conference on Politics and Gender 2017.

In progress: Dinas, E., Neundorf, A. and B. Nielsen. `Identification in Age-Period-Cohort Models: A Canonical Parametarization Solution'. To be presented at the PSA Polmeth 2017.



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